Tax Reform Good For Northwest Georgia?

As many of you have seen in the news, the recent tax reform laws will positively impact organization across the United States. Many of the yet to be thoroughly defined changes to the tax code will spur business investment and economic development. Of course, multi-national firms are those likely to see the greatest benefits, so tertiary markets in northwest Georgia will likely see very little impact… or will they?

As an industrial hub, positioned ideally between tech and manufacturing centers, and along America’s Industrial Interstate,  I-75, Northwest Georgia may see a greater benefit from the tax law changes than many areas. As large firms repatriate money from oversees and are incentivized to invest, expand, and hire, the existing industrial inventory in strategic areas such as Dalton and Calhoun will quickly fill up and the need for new inventory will increase. Many will choose to wait and see how the tax reform will impact our economy, but Barrett Properties will continue to actively seek investments and will continue to bet on our businesses, small and large.

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We lease commerical properties including retail space, office space, and warehouse space in the Dalton area.

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Barrett Properties has over 1 million square feet of industrial space in Northwest Georgia.

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We offer climate controlled self stroage units in 10x10 and 10x15 sizes.

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