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Roy Barrett, the founder of Barrett Properties, came from humble beginnings as the son of a sharecropper in Plainville, GA.

It was there that he learned the principle of hard work that would foster his success in the business world. After graduating high school in 1945, he took a job at Macy’s in Atlanta as a shoe salesman. His strong work ethic led to several promotions and eventually catapulted him to a buyer in the up and coming carpet department. After several successful years buying carpet for Macy’s, Bud Seratin of Coronet Carpet offered him an executive position with Coronet in Dalton, GA. Upon his departure from Macy’s, the President of the Carpet Department honored Roy with a banquet. At this Banquet, Roy was referred to as “The Best Carpet Buyer in America”. At Coronet, Roy forged a close relationship with the revered businessman Bud Seratin. Bud served as an excellent mentor and his influence helped Roy as a businessman. Under the guidance of Seratin, Roy emerged as the Vice President of Sales for Coronet and helped Coronet achieve tremendous success in the 1960’s.

In 1969, Roy was offered the position of President at Columbus Mills. He took the position and moved with his family to Columbus, GA. After less than a year of working in Columbus, Roy decided to enter the carpet business in entrepreneurial fashion and called longtime friend and respected businessman Jim Gowin to ask for his advice. Gowin helped Roy find a small mill back in Dalton and that is where Barrett Carpets was born. Roy bought the mill and went to work for himself. The company steadily matured and by the 1980’s had sales upwards of $40,000,000 annually. In the late 1980’s Roy began to invest in real estate in the Dalton area. After 25 successful years as President of Barrett Carpets, Roy decided to sell his mill and focus on real estate. His business experience immediately paid dividends as Roy began to add property to his portfolio. His knack for finding undervalued assets and his negotiating skills led to many successful real estate acquisitions and developments, and by 2009 he had acquired over 100 properties including shopping centers, warehouses, apartments, condominiums, and much more. In early 2010 Roy passed away, but his company continues to reflect the morals and values with which he built it.

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With commercial real estate, Barrett Properties specializes in identifying underperforming assets, acquiring them, and pairing prospective tenants with the new acquisitions. Our top tier staff strives to provide “red carpet” service for our tenants, in turn bolstering the loyalty of our commercial tenants and keeping our occupancy rates high.

Barrett Properties is the regional leader in understanding market gaps and discovering creative solutions to fill them. From underperforming assets, to under-inventoried markets, we see each development as a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Our residential expertise is in providing economical housing solutions to the hardworking people in our community. From manufactured homes to apartment complexes, we understand residential property classes and efficiently manage our units while keeping tenant satisfaction high.

As one of the original market leaders in climate and access controlled self-storage, Barrett Properties provides unmatched service to match our best in class quality.

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