Leaseholders Big and Small

What is driving the commercial rental market? Are the largest tech, government, and institutional users driving the market, or are the hundreds of thousands of smaller users making a greater impact? According to Costar Group, the top 1,000 lease holders, representing $135 billion in annual rents, are the core of the commercial real estate leasing market and are the most critical tenants to CRE landlords. However, the high dollar values of these leases fail to quantify the core components of tertiary market leasing: relationships.
At Barrett Properties, we pride ourselves on building and nurturing the relationships with every one of our commercial tenants, whether a 200 square foot office user, or a multi-location 200,000 square foot industrial Lessee. Does this mean that Barrett Properties will not lease to one of the top 1,000 leaseholders? Absolutely not. However, even when we do, the tenant will be treated like family, just like every other commercial tenant.